About Us

We are ordinary people just like you. We are tired of the “rat race” and recognize we as a civilization already have everything we need. We believe that while Earth’s problems are increasingly complex, we need only simple solutions.┬áMost people make decisions that in fact make their live more difficult. They may have just accepted that this is just how life is. But if you understand you make your own life, then you are just like us. This website is created as a resource for us, and anyone else who wants to live their way.

Changing the World

We all know there are serious problems on Earth. But relatively few know who has caused the problems and why. If you want to know more about this, see the videos at the bottom of the home page. Call them bankers or whatever you want. The story goes very deep but our site is not about them. This site is about you and what you can do.

We believe violence should only be used if you are directly threatened. For example, if a gun is pointed at you. Otherwise to use violence to resolve issues is more likely to make matters worse. For example, a revolution with guns is more likely to lead to civil war and then martial law, in which case you have given the elite criminals what they want: control. Again this site is not about “conspiracies”. And if you have a hard time believing what is said here, you need to learn. But chances are you are here because you already reached an awareness of yourself, and of what is going on in the world.

We as a species have become lost. And most people are so hopelessly enslaved, by their free will, although barely at a conscious level.